Fanola > FAQ

Is Fanola® safe?

Yes. Fanola’s safety has been certified by Manova (EcoFuel Certificate).

How long does it burn for?

It depends on the model. The Producer can provide an approximate time with a given model.

Is Fanola® environmentally friendly?

Yes. It is a special alcohol based liquid. It emits only carbon dioxide and water vapour in proportions similar to those contained in the air we exhale.

What is the safety guarantee?

There is a 100% safety guarantee provided the product is used in accordance to the product’s instruction manual.

Do you need additional ventilation?

No. You don’t need any additional ventilation. Natural air circulation (1 per hour) is sufficient.

Can I use a bio fireplace in any indoor space?

You can use a bio fireplace in most interiors ensuring appropriate air circulation and a safe distance from flammable materials.

Does the use of Fanola® lead to e.g. ceiling sooting?

No. Fanola® burns completely and clean. However, you should keep a minimum 1m distance from the ceiling.

How do you store the liquid?

You should keep it away from any source of fire. The optimal storage temperature is between 15°C – 35°C.

Can I pour fuel to a burning bio fireplace?

You must never pour fuel onto an open fire. After extinguishing the flame you must wait a few minutes for the burner to cool down. Only then can you refill Fanola®.

Is there any smell while burning Fanola®?

No, there is no smell, because CO2 and water vapour are odourless substances.